Jackson Barratt Heitmann

Jackson Barratt Heitmann

Jackson joined the lab in 2021. He is a student in the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program (EVSS). He graduated with a BA in Global & International Studies from Bard College in2018. After completing his undergraduate degree he worked for the Maine Natural Areas Program doing invasive plant management and worked for Audubon New York doing environmental education, before returning to Bard as an assistant researcher on multiple behavior ecology studies focusing on polarized light pollution effects on birds and insects. Jackon’s research interests include avian conservation, land management, and community ecology. His thesis will look at how different types of disturbance influence bird community composition in ephemeral wetlands, here in the lowcountry.


In Press:

Devin J. Fraleigh, Jackson Barratt Heitmann, Bruce A. Robertson. Ultraviolet polarized light pollution and evolutionary traps for aquatic insects. Animal Behavior. 2021. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.anbehav.2021.08.006

In Preparation:

Robertson BA, Rothberg O, Barratt Heitmann J, Fraleigh D. Birds use polarized light to locate water bodies. For Current Biology.

Robertson BA, Barratt Heitmann J. Polarization properties of solar panels that trigger maladaptive water-seeking behavior in wildlife. For Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

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