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Ansley Williamson

Master’s Student

Jackson Barratt Heitmann

Master’s Student

Juliane Caughron

Graduate researcher

Nathan Baker

Graduate researcher

Samuel Norton

Graduate researcher

Ashley Woods

Undergraduate researcher

Caroline Oliver

Software developer

Emmaline Sheahan

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Disturbance Ecology

How do communities respond to disturbance in natural and managed systems?

Drivers of Community Assembly

Is community assembly driven by stochastic or deterministic processes?

Scaling of Biodiversity

How does scale influence patterns of biodiversity?

Recent Publications

More Publications

. How does variation in total and relative abundance contribute to gradients of species diversity?. Ecology and Evolution, 12:e9196, 2022.


. Local biodiversity change reflects interactions among changing abundance, evenness, and richness. Ecology, e3820, 2022.


. The power of forecasts to advance ecological theory. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, n/a:, 2022.


. A multiscale framework for disentangling the roles of evenness, density, and aggregation on diversity gradients. Ecology, e03233, 2021.


. Measurement and analysis of interspecific spatial associations as a facet of biodiversity. Ecological Monographs, 91:e01452, 2021.



We collaborate on software for biodiveristy data management, analysis and simulation.

We have worked with our collaborators in the Weecology lab to develop the R package for the Data Retriever: A package manager for data. It downloads, cleans, and stores publicly available data, so analysts spend less time managing data, and more time analyzing it. Available for R,


We are actively involved in training scientists in both ideas and tools.


  • Rita Hollings Science Center (office: 239, lab: 292), College of Charleston, 58 Coming Street, Suite 245-255 Charleston, SC 29401 USA